Final Project 

Jim Guaillas2D Design

Final Project



The design elements I have chosen for my Design are Circles, Bubbly And Repetition. The entire picture has been utilized and I thought it would be best to have the shapes spread out. The visual flow in picture is where all the circles are heading towards the left of the page. When the colors meet that is where you will find the focal point. It follows the rule of thirds. The background is utilizing warm colors and the circles are cool colors. Complimentary colors are definitely being used.


I’m just really bubbly person and I loved the concept. I felt like this design describes my personality so well that I had to do something fits the concept. Knowing about the contrast and the colors was definitely utilized on the project




The successful parts of my Design are the contrast between complimentary colors in the design. A lot of repetition can be shown throughout the project with the circles. The contrast from the complimentary colors, warm and cool colors is also utilized throughout the design. My design has managed to have a focal point and visual flow throughout the design. The design has been demonstrating the understanding of complimentary colors, simultaneous contrast, color temperature, and value. There is attention to detail throughout the design. The design conveys my meaning.




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