Project 6 | Texture

As as i was making the project it took me a while to think where each Triangle would be placed. So  eventually I knew where each triangle and lines used with Pitt pens would be on the drawing paper.The Lines that are diagonal and used with a Pitt pen that is more big helped so the diagonal lines can be easily seen thus becoming my focal point for my project. As you can see in my project there is visual flow throughout the entire page at first i wasn’t sure how visual flow was going to be seen in my project. I had to make most of the shapes really light so they wouldn’t be seen as much. The diagonal lines had to be really dark so you could instantly see it without even squinting. I used my Pitt pens, ruler and sharpies to add to most of the textures that are seen in the project. Sharpies wasn’t going to be incorporated but I felt like it gave it the touch it needed which was definitely needed.My project has included full value range. the most unsuccessful part of my project was that the triangles were too small or just shown really lightly. The most successful part of my project was the diagonal lines an how no negative space was shown . My project was made with lots of care and patience which was a really good thing because I definitely took my time do the project in such nice pace.


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